Why us?

Certified quality

Skoksy powered by Zooksy, that is socks with non-slip elements are made exclusively of certified yarn (Deko Tex Standard 100), and non-slip layer is made of a two-component paint layer based on silicone polymers - it is ecological and harmless to health, as evidenced by the Global Organics Textile Standard Certificate.

This is why, for the production of non-slip socks, we have decided to use silicone paints instead of plastisol paints, which are widely used and durability of which leaves a lot to be desired. In addition, they are manufactured in Europe, they work well and guarantee the preservation of print quality - virtually no matter what the project is!

High-tech for
high jumps

You also need to know that:

  • our prints are free of PVC, heavy metals and phthalates
  • printouts retain maximum flexibility
  • we can print on materials sensitive to high temperatures,
  • we have technology that allows printing on sports clothing.

Our production line is probably the most modern technology used for the production of non-slip socks in this part of Europe - we do not boast about. It’s just the way it is. Thanks to this, the time of implementing each order is reduced to a minimum and we have a full control over production at every stage!

Know how

Skoksy powered by Zooksy are socks that are unique in every respect - also the quality/price ratio that we achieved thanks to the commitment, the combination of acquired knowledge and experience with the latest production technology. In a word - Polish socks market nowadays is understood mainly as our socks with non-slip elements.

Choosing Skoksy for your trampoline park, gym, dance hall or other project you want to implement is a good decision for one more reason – together with an individual project, we will sell you know-how and clever solutions that will help your clients appreciate not only the design, but also the functionality of your socks!

Our production line is probably the most modern technology used for the production of non-slip socks in this part of Europe.

A pinch of history


About us

And so it begun…

Zooksy was the first company in Poland to start with production socks with anti-slip elements – it was a family company known primarily for colourful, conceptual products. We started in 2014. Since then, we have created a special production line designed for anti-sip socks, we have selected yarns, along with chemists, we have developed materials to create anti-slip layer, and with a team of trainers, we have checked several models in action.

Thanks to this, we have the honour and great joy to introduce you Skoksy powered by Zooksy - the new and the only certified brand in Poland that manufactures socks with a non-slip element.