Anti-slip socks

Your Skoksy in…
your hands!

We design and manufacture anti-slip socks ideal for training in trampoline parks, acrobatic halls and dance halls, as well as for a dedicated yoga rooms, callanetics or stretching training halls.

We are open for creativity, so „we give our technology into your hands”, that is, we will produce for you exactly the socks you dream of! We implement even the most surprising expectations regarding design, colour and branding, maintaining our standards, which are a guarantee of quality and safety of use.


Dedicated orders

Individual projects
for special occasions

We carry out orders dedicated to specific events taking place in the spaces in which sport is practiced. So, if you are planning a company event, an integration party, special trainings or any other form of meeting during which you plan to move - contact us! We will certainly create a product for everyone to jump out of slippers. Literally! 🙂

We're dressing up events
from head to toe


Grip on
the hand

We produce professional gloves with anti-slip elements – especially useful in ninja or parkour zones, which are often available in trampoline parks. Our gloves are also great during acrobatic exercises, when they additionally protect against abrasions. They will also become great partners during CrossFit or strength trainings.


T-shirts, bags, gadgets

A series of jumping

Skoksy is also a whole series of products dedicated to enthusiasts of jumping and exercises in all forms. Our offer includes t-shirts, caps, microfibre towels, anti-sweat bands, canvas sacks and clothing bags, as well as many more. We produce image gadgets marked with your visual identification.