Hangar 646

Hangar 646

Hangar 646 is the first network of trampoline parks in Warsaw, i.e. places combining sport and recreation. Since the opening in 2015, the hangar has become one of the most recognizable sports facilities in Poland, to which hundreds of people come every day - both adults and children.


When we were looking for a company that would produce anti-slip socks for our first trampoline park, we had a great problem – on the one hand, we could order them from China, what was associated with huge orders and stress about the continuity of deliveries, on the other hand when we were trying to find a company in Poland, nobody wanted to believe in our idea without seeing the potential in it. Daria and Dominik were the only persons, who believed in us and were the only ones to fulfil our requirements about the quality of socks, we wanted to produce. They invested in necessary equipment to produce socks and apply an anti-slip layer on them - in one plant. Since then, we have opened a second plant, and soon, we are opening the third one. Our cooperation is constantly developing and we are in the process of inventing new products for our company.

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